February 2020

Is calorie counting worth the time and effort?

If you’ve been on any sort of weight loss diet or been given any sort of advice by health and fitness professionals (including a nutritionist, dietitian or personal trainer), you’ve probably been advised to calculate your activity level on any given day and the number of calories you need to eat based on your energy expenditure to lose body fat. This last part is called calorie counting and it’s been a common strategy for a long time.… Read More »Is calorie counting worth the time and effort?

Do I have postnatal nutrient depletion?

Postnatal depletion is a term you may have been hearing more lately, particularly if you are pregnant or a new mother. That’s because it’s become more recognised in the medical world and talked about in mainstream media.  What is postnatal depletion? To grow and sustain the life of a baby requires a huge amount of nutrients. During pregnancy, the baby depends on the mother’s macro and micronutrients to develop and grow, and in the process,… Read More »Do I have postnatal nutrient depletion?


Nutrition tips to maximise your Feb Fast detox

Feb Fast is in full swing with many of our members ditching the booze for a good cause and giving their liver’s a break after the festive season. Beyond reducing your health risks and raising money, there are plenty of other benefits too, especially if your conditioning your body with goals to build muscle, lose weight or increase endurance. By going alcohol-free you’ll be reducing your caloric intake, minimising fat… Read More »Nutrition tips to maximise your Feb Fast detox

new years resolutions

Keeping your health goals on track in 2020

Are your new year’s resolutions fading? Are bad habits creeping back in? As we return to our everyday routines it’s easy to let our good intentions slip when it comes to diet and exercise and for old habits to creep back in. This is especially the case if you have jumped on a restrictive diet or set yourself a demanding fitness program. Regardless of your health goals, the key focus… Read More »Keeping your health goals on track in 2020