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summer reset

The Healthy You Summer Reset

Have you finished the year feeling depleted? Do overindulge during the summer holidays? Are you wanting to start 2021 on a positive note? Inside this e-book, you’ll find plenty of advice, actionable tips and inspiration to help you reset your health over the summer holidays. If you’re feeling exhausted from what has been an emotional year or you’re someone who finds it difficult to stick to your health goals over… Read More »The Healthy You Summer Reset

10 Anti-inflammatory foods

Fight Inflammation with These 10 Healing Foods

Inflammation is a normal process that can be incredibly protective as it is a key part of our immune system’s response to infection or injury. The physiological response helps to signal the immune system to heal damaged tissue in the event of a wound. Inflammation enables the immune system to fight foreign invaders such as pathogenic bacteria and viruses. Inflammation causes an increase in white blood cells to the site of injury and symptoms such… Read More »Fight Inflammation with These 10 Healing Foods

Managing your stress and anxiety during uncertain times

Managing your stress and anxiety during uncertain times

To say we’re going through uncertain times thanks to the coronavirus pandemic is probably an understatement. Social distancing no doubt has only added to the stress as businesses come to a standstill, jobs are lost and schools close in a bid to slow the rapid spread of COVID-19.  During stressful times like these where there is an overwhelming feeling of loss and uncertainty, it’s vital we pay attention to our own mental health and that of our loved ones. Isolation from friends and family… Read More »Managing your stress and anxiety during uncertain times

support immune system

Diet and lifestyle tips to optimise your immune system today

If you’re feeling apprehensive about the current coronavirus pandemic and the financial outlook, you are not alone. This can be an overwhelming time, but it’s also the perfect opportunity to slow down and look at optimising your own health including supporting your immune system. In this video, I discuss briefly the role of the immune system and what it means to have a healthy immune system. I share my three… Read More »Diet and lifestyle tips to optimise your immune system today

9 tips to boost immune system

9 tips to boost your immunity

With Coronavirus in the headlines and the change of season ahead, it’s the ideal time to focus our attention on supporting our immune system. As we change from one season to the next, it’s common for sniffles and coughs to creep in. And with the spread of Coronavirus, it’s a good excuse to place more emphasis on supporting our immune system with nourishing foods and healthy living strategies. Here, I… Read More »9 tips to boost your immunity

Is calorie counting worth the time and effort?

If you’ve been on any sort of weight loss diet or been given any sort of advice by health and fitness professionals (including a nutritionist, dietitian or personal trainer), you’ve probably been advised to calculate your activity level on any given day and the number of calories you need to eat based on your energy expenditure to lose body fat. This last part is called calorie counting and it’s been a common strategy for a long time.… Read More »Is calorie counting worth the time and effort?

new years resolutions

Keeping your health goals on track in 2020

Are your new year’s resolutions fading? Are bad habits creeping back in? As we return to our everyday routines it’s easy to let our good intentions slip when it comes to diet and exercise and for old habits to creep back in. This is especially the case if you have jumped on a restrictive diet or set yourself a demanding fitness program. Regardless of your health goals, the key focus… Read More »Keeping your health goals on track in 2020