top prenatal nutrients

Top postnatal nutrients to include in your diet

As new mothers, often our attention shifts from caring for ourselves during pregnancy for optimal fetus growth to meeting the demands of a new baby. We’re sleep-deprived and overwhelmed as we adjust our lives during this postpartum period. The honest fact is eating a healthy diet and meeting our own nutritional needs often falls to the bottom of the list. Our priorities are elsewhere, but to effectively recover from birth,… Read More »Top postnatal nutrients to include in your diet

Do I have postnatal nutrient depletion?

Postnatal depletion is a term you may have been hearing more lately, particularly if you are pregnant or a new mother. That’s because it’s become more recognised in the medical world and talked about in mainstream media.  What is postnatal depletion? To grow and sustain the life of a baby requires a huge amount of nutrients. During pregnancy, the baby depends on the mother’s macro and micronutrients to develop and grow, and in the process,… Read More »Do I have postnatal nutrient depletion?