Clinical Testing

Clinical testing can be key to discovering the root cause of your health issues and providing long-term relief. When required, Sarah Appleford Nutrition may refer you to your GP for testing or arrange with you functional tests to help inform your treatment plan. 

Sarah Appleford Nutrition
Sarah Appleford Nutrition

Functional Testing

At Sarah Appleford Nutrition, we can help arrange functional tests to help assess your health status in more detail.
This may include, but not limited to:

  • Comprehensive stool analysis 

  • SIBO testing 

  • Food allergy testing

  • Hormone profiles 

  • Vitamin D status 

  • Liver function test

  • Thyroid profile 

  • Heavy metal analysis 

Food Biocompatibility Hair Testing

Food Biocompatibility Testing is a simple and non-invasive hair test that helps to to identify foods, beverages, household and personal care use products that are compatible with your body or causing inflammation and impairing your body’s ability to heal. A 16-page comprehensive report featuring a list of 500+ foods and products will be used to formulate an appropriate nutrition treatment plan.

Food Biocompatibility Hair Testing is available for adults and children as well as babies. 

Click below to see a full list of food and products tested and order yours today.

Gut Microbiome Testing

Sarah Appleford is an approved practitioner for Microba Gut Microbiome Testing. This evidence-based test provides you with detailed insights into your gut microorganisms including the diversity of your microbiome and how well they are functioning. Your report also contains information regarding dietary suggestions based on your results to encourage microbiome balance and support your optimal health and wellbeing. 

Sarah Appleford Nutrition Offer the following gut microbiome testing as part of an initial consult or as a package. More information can be viewed below or by contacting